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Our Partners SecondBite Food For People In Need

Photo of Our Partners SecondBite Food For People In Need

Our Partners SecondBite Food For People In Need

The SecondBite Community Connect program manages relationships between hundreds of community organizations and local food donors across Australia to enable surplus food rescue.

This sustainable program addresses the issues of food waste, facilitates corporate social responsibility, supports community organisations with limited budgets to save money and improves people in need’s access to healthy, nutritious food.

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Amity Health

Logo of Amity Health

Our Partners Amity Health

Supporting People with Acquired Brain Injury by Louise Cato, Clinical Lead

An acquired brain injury can occur to anyone at any time in life, due to a range of different causes such as impact injury, stroke, tumour or infection. The resultant effects can be devastating for the individual, their families and carers.

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Anglicare Financial Counselling

Photo of Our Partners Anglicare Financial Counselling

Our Partners Anglicare Financial Counselling

Financial counselling helps people work through any problems they are having with money. This may include managing a household budget, negotiating outstanding bills, or saving for the future.  Counsellors not only help solve immediate problems, but teach people how to maintain their own financial stability independently. Financial counselling can:

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Albany Men’s Resource Centre

Photo of Our Partners Albany's Mens Resource Centre

Our Partners Albany's Mens Resource Centre

The most important thing about being a good Support Worker is looking after you. Not just your physical health but your mental and social health as well. As Support Workers, we spend a lot of our time and energy thinking about and caring for those who need it most, however, we forget the most important person in this equation – you! The following are our top tips for looking after a healthier you.

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Reconnect Health & Wellbeing

Logo of Our Partners Reconnect Health and Wellbeing

Our Partners Reconnect Health and Wellbeing

Vicarious Trauma – Barriers to Burnout by Sheree Bootes

Life is filled with adversities. It is also known that exposure to such dangers can lead to “troubling memories, arousal, and avoidance”. Yet the notion that these adverse events can affect an individual psychologically, biologically and socially has only being recognised in psychiatry and psychology in the last few decades.

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Bicycles for humanity

Logo of Our Partners, Bicycles for Humanity

Our Partners Bicycles for Humanity

CLA is embarking on an exciting new project in collaboration with Bicycles for Humanity (B4H).  B4H was established in 2011 and donates bikes to organisations in Africa.  One such organisation is Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia (BENN) who run a range of schemes to break the poverty cycle and support people with HIV/Aids.

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